About Jordon

JMBJordon Brown has been angry about trivial matters for most of his life. Now, he has an outlet to yell. Known for his ability to “bring the funny,” Jordon has been entertaining audiences for as long as he can remember. And now with this blog he can entertain dozens more!

After receiving a degree in Film from Southeast Missouri State University (easily in the top 10 state schools in Southeastern Missouri) Jordon trekked west and set up in Hollywood. After accruing several screen credits in film productions, the LA grind began to wear him down. He longed for a city that still had film, but less LA types.

Next he tried Phoenix, but it was sadly lacking in film and still fairly high in LA type levels. Also, it was hotter than Hell. Probably literally. Jordon continued his trek eastward and struck gold in Austin, Texas, where he fell in love with the city. A deep appreciation for film and music and tech, Austin is the mecca Jordon has been searching for.

While in Austin Jordon also fell in love with someone else: his beloved pig Mortimer. A sophistipig, Mortimer and Jordon are inseparable, and probably a little creepy, but Mortimer and Jordon are soul mates.

Jordon has also spent time in politics, unsuccessfully getting mayoral, gubernatorial, and presidential candidates elected. So maybe you shouldn’t hire him to work on your campaign. But if you do, he’ll certainly be entertaining and will at least be there to make you laugh after your crushing defeat.

Currently Jordon is working on this blog, and hopes to one day sell it and become rich and powerful. That is what you do with blogs right? And Jordon isn’t the only one who thinks he’s great:

James Moore, author of Bush’s Brain: How Karl Rove Made George W. Bush Presidential called Jordon a “clever writer” whose findings he concurs with.

Have you ever seen The West Wing? The woman who Aaron Sorkin based Donna Moss on, Heather Beckel, has called Jordon “a better writer than Sorkin.”

Jason Stanford, Democratic superman, co-author of Adios, Mofo: Why Rick Perry Will Make America Miss George W. Bush has called Jordon’s blog “the greatest blog in the world.”

And the “weapons-grade good” Christina Gomez, web designer, politico and general badass has called Jordon her “comedic soulmate and long, lost twin brother” and boldly proclaimed about his comedic talents, “This is why you’re the King.”

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