Net Neutrality Major Players

FCC Federal Communication Commission

The Federal Communications Commission, or FCC, is a governmental organization that regulates communications, including radio, television, cable, wire, and satellite. The FCC is compromised of five commissioners who will ultimately decide the fate of Net Neutrality.

Tom Wheeler Tom Wheeler

Tom Wheeler is the Chariman of the FCC. Before being appointed to the FCC by President Obama, Wheeler worked as a lobbyist for the cable industry. His current stance on Net Neutrality is unknown, although there were leaked documents that indicated he supported the cable and Internet Service Providers’ ideas about an Internet without Net Neutrality.

Barack Obama President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama recently came out in strong support of Net Neutrality . This statement was issued after he had received a lot of criticism for appointing a cable lobbyist as the head of the FCC.

Franken-071009-18449 0003 Senator Al Franken

Democrat Senator Al Franken from Minnesota was a comedy writer for many years before becoming a politician. He has been one of the leading voices calling for Net Neutrality. He has called Net Neutrality the “most important free speech issue of our time,” and that the fight is over nothing less than saving the Internet.

cruz Senator Ted Cruz

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is a leading voice in the current Conservative movement in Washington. He is also one of the strongest opponents of Net Neutrality. He has said that government intervention will kill the spirit of innovation in the Internet. He has also compared Net Neutrality to Obamacare, saying that government involvement will slow down and cripple the Internet.

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